The Future of Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection

At BioROSA Technologies, we want to make the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) rapid and simple.

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Early Diagnosis + Early Behavioral Intervention =
Better Outcomes for Children1

BioROSA’s Test Provides a New Way to Detect ASD

BioROSA is developing a highly accurate blood test that will detect ASD in children as young as 18 months.

Early Intervention Follows

A positive BioROSA test can allow for early intervention services to begin. Early intervention has been shown to improve language, social skills, and IQ for many children with ASD2.

BioROSA Technologies Autism Illustration

Why it Matters

Delayed Diagnosis

The average age of ASD diagnosis is 4 years old. Parents suspect problems as early as 12 months3,4.

No Early Test Available

There is no broad-based molecular diagnostic test for clinicians to assess ASD risk on the market today5.

Worldwide Problem

1/54 children in the USA (CDC 2020), similar in children worldwide6.

Cost to Society

Autism costs society up to $230B per year, this can be reduced with early intervention7,8.

Determining ASD Risk Through Biology
Not Behavior

The BioROSA test uses a small amount of blood taken from a standard blood draw. We measure a set of blood biomarkers that are predictors of ASD. Computer algorithms are applied to analyze data and provide a risk score for ASD.

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BioROSA Team

John Slattery

Co-founder, CEO

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Marie Causey, PhD

Co-founder, CSO

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Sanjeev Bhadresa, MSc

Principal Scientist/Lab Manager

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